The 'Mari' 

    At Mari, we all come to work every day because we want to start the Renaissance of hookah tobacco production. Our mission at Mari, therefore, is to make the hookah business innovative, bigger, healthier, more tasty and elegant. Today we provide more than 125 flavors and we will be adding more and more to our catalogue. 


    All our products are purpose built for the true hookah lovers and contain amazing natural ingredients with the finest blend of Virginia tobacco.

    Designed from the ground up with elegancy, all our products were created to be tasty, natural, and effective while dealing with the outdated habits. Whether it’s two apple or our 'Magic Smoke', don’t be a wrinkly old beast. Mari has the best working answer to feel young.

    We are passionate about what goes into our products and want the hookah lovers to care as much about what they inhale into their lungs as the hookah they smoke. Mari is Hookahists’  best friend in this term.

    So; our story just starts here to create a true legend.


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